You Know when you need a new Accountant

  • Your Accountant begins the initial interview with “When I was in prison…” 
  • After completing your tax return showing a balance due of $3,000, your Accountant asks for it in cash. 
  • You see your Accountant on TV. On Crimewatch 
  •  Your Accountant thinks “amortisation” is Italian for “making love”. 
  •  Every time you visit Your Accountant in their office, they’re smoking a joint. 
  • Your Accountant tells you “You probably won’t go to jail for this, but…” 
  • Your Accountant is also a Lawyer, and is representing your partner in the divorce proceedings. 
  • Your Accountant tells you he hasn’t filed his own tax return in years 
  • Your Accountant seems to have a cold all year long….and powder residue on his desk 
  • Your Accountant is just happy to hear from you – even if it is at the end of June!

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